Canadian province Quebec announces immigration quota of 70,000 in 2022

As usual Quebec, the French province of Canadaannoiunces its quota for the next year 2022. According to the Plan, Quebec is preparing to welcome 49,500 to 52,500 immigrants for economic recovery. To this number must be added a rebalancing of 18,000 other people who could not be admitted in 2020. This new edition of 18,000 people to the 52,000 scheduled for 2022 is excellent news.

Quebec’s immigration quota distribution 2022:

Immigrants classQuota
Economic class33,900
(28,000 Skilled workers and 4,300 business immigrants)
Other immigrants18,000 (immigrants from 2020)

• The number of immigrants admitted in the immigration category:

– the economic class quota would be between 25,300 and 27,800, i.e. a quota lower than the target set in the Quebec Immigration Plan for the year 2021 (27,500 to 29,300 immigrants).

– Skilled workers: between 23,500 and 25,600 admissions. This level is slightly above the planned range of 22,900 to 24,200 admissions.

– Business people (programs for entrepreneurs, investors, and workers autonomous): between 1,800 and 2,100 admissions, a number lower than the target set (from 4,000 to 4,300 people admitted).

– Other economic categories: between 0 and 100 admissions, i.e. a lower volume to the planned target (600 to 800 admissions).

• The number of immigrants admitted in the family reunification category

should be between 11,000 and 11,400, which is a level higher than the range indicated in the Quebec Immigration Plan for the year 2021 from 9,700 to 10,200 admissions.

• In the category of refugees and in a similar situation, the number of admissions should be between 5,500 and 6,300 people, which is below the range planned (6,900 to 7,500). The forecast breaks down as follows:

– Refugees selected abroad (refugees supported by the State or covered by collective sponsorship): between 900 and 1,300 admissions, i.e. a volume lower than expected (between 4,400 and 4,700 admissions);

– Refugees recognized locally: between 4,600 and 5,000 admissions, i.e. a level higher than the set target (between 2,500 and 2,800 admissions).

• The expected number of immigrants admitted in the category of other immigrants is 1,300 to 1,600 people, a higher number than planned (from 400 to 500 admissions). This number includes people who must be admitted to the Special Program for Asylum Seekers During COVID-19.

• The expected share of admissions resulting from the Quebec selection would be between 64% and 65%.

• The share of economic immigration is expected to be around 59% of all admissions.

• The proportion of immigrants declaring that they know French at the time of their admission in 2021 is expected to be around 71%.

In the meantime, the government of Quebec has formally asked the federal level to give priority to processing permanent residence applications to people who are already on Quebec territory. Furthermore, according to the new immigration friendly measures, immigration deadlines were reduced to 18 months, to promote the transition from temporary immigration to permanent residence for workers in manufacturing companies and to increase permanent economic immigration.

In his press release, Mr. Boulet, who is temporarily responsible for Immigration, Francization, and Integration during the absence of his colleague Nadine Girault, makes no mention of the labor shortage, citing rather an economic recovery. However, he recognizes the impact of the pandemic and the closing of the borders on immigration and specifies that Quebec “has formally requested the federal government to give priority to the processing of applications for permanent residence from people who are already in the territory. Quebec ”and calls for the acceleration of the processing of these requests.

In addition to the number, the Immigration Plan provides that “the proportion of immigrants knowing French at the time of their admission should be around 82% of admissions postponed from 2020”, that “the target (of) 65% of immigration economic in 2022 is maintained ”and that“ 71% of admissions postponed from 2020 will come from economic immigration ”.

Quebec’s new immigration changes

Quebec has on 14 July 2021 introduced a new scoring system for its immigration through Arrima expression of interest pool stream. According to the provincial immigration minister (MIFI), “the launch of the expression of interest system will facilitate better alignment between immigration and the needs of the Québec labor market.” The new scoring system will be based as under:

Human capital factors580
Quebec labor market factors740
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