You can claim Canadian citizenship at any time of your life and there is no age restriction on when you can submit your application.

There are significant benefits to being a Canadian citizen.

You have the ability to live permanently in a country with a stable economy, society, and political environment. This includes having access to ample job opportunities, universal healthcare, high quality education for your children, and a passport that provides visa free travel to 185 countries. These are among the key reasons that those with Canadian parents seek Canadian citizenship for themselves.

You can claim Canadian citizenship at any time of your life. There is no age restriction on when you can submit a Proof of Citizenship application. In addition, you can submit the application whether your Canadian parent is alive or deceased.

A Canadian immigration lawyer can use their expertise to help you apply for Proof of Citizenship, which is also referred to as a Canadian citizenship certificate. An experienced immigration lawyer can ensure you avoid unnecessary mistakes and delays by submitting a complete and accurate Proof of Citizenship application on your behalf. This is crucial since the pandemic is causing a slowdown in the processing times of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Processing times for Proof of Citizenship applications prior to the pandemic were about five months but it is now taking longer. The good news is that IRCC is pursuing a host of modernization initiatives to improve its processing times.

How can I apply for Canadian citizenship if my parent is Canadian?

IRCC requires you submit evidence that at least one biological parent or legal parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of your birth.

Evidence can be submitted in the form of the parent’s birth certificate, citizenship card, or citizenship certificate. IRCC’s application fee is $75 CAD.

Once IRCC confirms your application is complete, it will provide you with an “acknowledgment of receipt”.

After IRCC approves your application, it will send you a Canadian citizenship certificate.

Canada has one of the world’s most open citizenship policies and is one of the world’s best countries. As such, you should make the most of the opportunity to become a Canadian yourself.

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