Americans with at least one Canadian parent can gain Canadian citizenship by submitting a “Proof of Citizenship” application.

Canada allows citizenship by descent for Americans born to first generation Canadian citizens.

Given the strong ties between the United States and Canada, it is quite common for Americans with at least one Canadian parent to go ahead and apply for Canadian citizenship. Americans can apply for Canadian citizenship even if their Canadian parent is deceased.

The Canadian government fee is only $75 to submit what is called a “Proof of Citizenship” application. An experienced Canadian immigration lawyer can help you submit the application to ensure you meet all application requirements and obtain Canadian citizenship as quickly as possible.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires that Americans demonstrate their biological or legal parent was in fact a Canadian citizen when the Proof of Citizenship applicant was born. Applicants can provide evidence such as their parent’s birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, or citizenship certificate.

Once you submit the Proof of Citizenship application and government fee, you will receive what is called an “acknowledgment of receipt” from IRCC. IRCC will send you a Canadian citizenship certificate after it approves your application.

IRCC may contact you if your application has complexities or if there is additional clarity required. Overall, the Proof of Citizenship process is fairly straightforward, but given the potential for complications and the strong demand to become a Canadian citizen, you may find it worthwhile having a trusted Canadian immigration lawyer by your side so that you can get peace of mind.

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