Other Visa Services

Business Visa

Take your business across countries by availing Business Visa from Flyworld. Special visit visas are provided for business people planning to visit UK or Canada for Short period of time or for those visiting on business regularly. Flyworld can help you access this vast pool of opportunities with our Business Visa Solutions.

Investor | Entrepreneur Visa

Investor/ Entrepreneur Visa allows you to immigrate across countries for starting business anywhere or expanding your business across countries. Your business needs to be innovative and able to compete internationally. If you are looking to establish, invest in or acquire a business internally, we at Flyworld will help ensure that your visa documentation is submitted correctly on time. Our expert consultants will advise on best suited visa options for your individual profile. Contact today to begin your business process early.

Family Visa

Family Visa are required when a foreign citizen seeks to live permanently in a country. There are basically two types of Family-based immigrant Visa you can apply for;

1. IMMIDIATE RELATIVE- these are based on close family relationship such as a spouse, child or parent.

2. FAMILY PREFERENCE- there are based on specific, more distant, family relationship with a Canada or UK citizen.

To get more information on how to avail Family Visas contact Flyworld

Dependent Visa

This powerful tool helps families live together. Dependent visa allows professionals, students, permanent residents and others bring their families that is in a different country to their new home country. If you want to avail Dependent visas, Flyworld can help you get it with utmost ease.

Non-Immigrant Visa

If you wish to enter UK or Canada on temporary basis, for tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work, study, or other similar reasons, you can get non-immigrant visas from Flyworld.