Post Visa Services

Air Ticket

Last minute ticket bookings are one of big hassles as most of the times you cannot get cheap tickets. Especially, if it’s a festival season getting cheap tickets is among the major tasks. We, at Flyworld, work out options to get you the most cost effective deals for booking tickets. We make sure that you are all set for your flights with relatively inexpensive and secure bookings by availing early discounts and offers.

Travel & Health Insurance

Our family members are the first ones to get anxious whenever we talk about flying to other countries. Flyworld understands this aims to make your immigration procedure secure and ease the anxiety of your family members. We understand how expensive treatment and healthcare services can be if you don’t have the necessary insurance. And that’s why we help our clients avail right kind of policy and insurance schemes.

Foreign Exchange

Flyworld helps you with all your foreign currency transactions. It is very difficult to find trustworthy foreign currency exchanger especially when you don’t have anyone you know personally. At Flyworld we make all monetary dealings easy with a standardized system of foreign exchange. Our top priority is your convenience.

Post Landing Services

We believe you should feel comfortable no matter in which country you are. Strange countries can make things feel out of control. But, with our Post Landing Services, you can have your peace of mind even when you are in different country.


With our association with different accommodation providers we make sure that you have a place to stay as soon as you reach your destination. We at Flyworld, find off-campus accommodations at good prices and make sure you get only the best possible services.

Pre-departure Assistance

Once you get your visa, it is essential that you have some insights regarding how comfortably you can adapt and adjust at an overseas destination. At Flyworld we organize informative pre-departure sessions, where onboard candidate receive inputs from our team members who have travelled abroad and experience foreign travel.

Credential Evaluation

At Flyworld, credential evaluation is a key step in understanding the educational backgrounds of the candidates educated abroad. We help academic institutions and employers by evaluating degrees and diplomas earned abroad to determine their equivalencies.