Business Immigration Program

Business Immigration Program

Canada’s Business Immigration Program excites investors, entrepreneurs and businessman to settle in in Canada. It welcomes such individuals who have experience in owning, managing, or investing in businesses.

These individuals, however, must prove their capability to invest and run a business as well as intention to promote business in the country.

Because they create employment opportunities and contribute to the Canadian economy, entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for this immigration stream. Successful applicants are able to open a business in Canada, as well as gain permanent residence status in the country.

Requirements for Business Immigration Program

To qualify for the Business Immigration Program, applicants must:

  • Establish, purchase or make a substantial investment in a business in Canada within 2 years of landing in Canada which will result in a significant contribution to the economy
  • Engage in active and ongoing participation in the management of the business

To ensure that these conditions are met, businessmen are required to report to immigration officials their progress, on a regular basis within this two year period.